Over the past few weeks, you may have arrived at Anime Now! through a link you clicked on Anime News Network and wondered why. The reason is simple: Anime News Network is our sister site.

What does this mean? While we are completely independent in our editorial teams and mission statements, we will be collaborating in a variety of ways on various projects going forward–projects that will improve the quality of what both sites have to offer.

For the moment, our relationship means our best article every day will be shared on Anime News Network. Likewise, Anime Now! will host Anime News Network’s news feed so you can get all that lovely anime news hot off the presses. Of course, this is just the beginning.

If you have encountered us though Anime News Network or been an Anime Now! reader all along, we hope you stay around and check out all our site has to offer. And if you’ve never checked out Anime News Network before, well, you’ve been missing out, to say the least!

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