Hey everybody, I’m here with big news for Anime Now! Our long-awaited site redesign is now complete.

Since even before we launched back in June, we’ve been looking at the site to find what didn’t work, what the site couldn’t do that we wanted it to, and what we could do to make using Anime Now! even better for you, our readers.

This redesign is what we have come up with. The front page now sports small introductions to all our articles. There are also links to our best stories, Anime News Network’s newsfeed, and the seasonal anime guide on every article for easy access.


Speaking of the guide, the new site features an improved, easy to use version of it–along with detailed information pages for every single current and upcoming anime (which include links to every article we’ve written about them).


We also have a built-in gallery mode to make all those picture posts the best-looking they can be.

To top it all off is a new comment system, so all you have to do to comment now is login with your Twitter or Facebook account and you’re good to go. Most of the other notable changes are on the back end, making it easier for us to get you the stories you want to read.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect, so we’ll be fixing bugs and making various tweaks here and there over the coming days and weeks. If you have any suggestions, we’d be more than happy to hear them. Just leave a comment below or contact me over email or Twitter.

And as always, thanks for reading Anime Now!

Comments (3)
  1. I like the content of the site a lot, I’ve been following your articles since you were on Kotaku, and my only big complaint about the site is the URLs, I know it sounds weird, but I think the content is not as easy to share if the URL doesn’t make it clear what it is about, because in my case if I get shared an URL of an article I would be a lot more likely to open it if I could at least get a gist of what it is about, but well that may just be me, in any case keep working hard, I hope you get more exposure as time goes on because you deserve it.

    • I totally get where you are coming from.

      From the start we knew we were going to move to a new sever/website design so we kept the post urls to auto generated time/date to make them easier to transfer. Now, on the new system, we have to potential to change that. I’ll talk with the designers and see what can be done in that area for future updates.

      And thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Wow! A marked improvement – I really like the new layout. The seasonal guide pages are great – all of a season on a page with brief summaries; linking each to article(s) written about each; being able to navigate to other seasons in the top bar. These all make it very easy to see a lot and drill down quickly. And the integration of ANN has already had me clicking on some helpful posts there.
    One suggestion: have the “More stories” button expand the number of articles on the page as opposed to going to the next page of articles. If I am unable to get to Anime-Now for a few days I like to be able to see as many articles as I can at a glance – this is easier to do by scrolling many articles on a page rather than navigating to multiple pages or opening multiple tabs of pages.
    Lastly, I echo Angel above in hoping you get more exposure and have increasing success with this site.

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