And you thought the test itself was the biggest of your problems.

Cheating Craft is a Hyperbole of the Japanese School System

In Cheating Craft, the students use any tools at their disposal to pass their exams. We’ve gathered a list of all the school supplies featured in this anime you’ll need to pick up if you want to try and pass the “National Special-Level University Exam” and how to properly use them.



With a smooth writing surface and pure white pigment, this item is a must-have for any student taking a test. Whether it’s for solving a difficult equation during a test or taking notes the night before an important exam, this basic item is sure to be found in any student’s backpack.

Also, it can be turned into a sword or other sharp, deadly objects with the use of “Technique” powers. If needed, these blades can be used to disable booby traps and/or disarm fellow students. Paper cuts can cause serious injury and may require hospitalization.

Where to buy: Office Depot, Target, Amazon

Mechanical Pencil


Leave those wooden relics behind–the mechanical pencil will keep you writing throughout your exams. Don’t fret if the tip of your pencil breaks; just press the top to get a fresh new piece of lead. With each pencil containing multiple pieces of lead, it’s no wonder that the students of today choose to use this tool.

It can also be used as a machine gun, with the sharp lead sticks stabbing into the soft flesh of your enemies. In addition, the lead can be utilized as a tool to detect traps by crushing it into a fine powder and blowing it in the air.

Where to buy: Office Depot, Amazon, Walmart

Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded eraser

For when a normal eraser isn’t enough. This soft eraser can change shape and erase mistakes you make on paper. Not only is it a lifesaver during examinations, but it can be used as a toy when you’ve finished writing and everyone else hasn’t.

In a pinch, you can roll it out into a long whip to lash your opponents with. Too far away to hit them? Don’t worry! It’s a very flexible weapon that is sure to reach your fellow examinees, even if they’re sitting at the other side of the classroom.

Where to buy: Amazon, Michaels, Walmart

Pencil Case

Open pencase

Not just for pencils, metal pencil cases can carry erasers, pens, markers, and more. When you need anything at all during an important test, all you have to do is pop up the lid.

It can also be used as a blunt weapon, so use it in repetitive jabs to beat the crap out of your fellow students. If you’re on the receiving end, try and grab a meat shield to protect yourself. The less competition the better, anyway.

Where to buy: Walmart, Target, Amazon

Foldable Protractor

Medizinischer Goniometer

Half-circle protractors are so last year. This slim, foldable protractor can fit anywhere so you can start measuring angles faster. The satisfying feeling of moving the hinge back and forth will have you playing with it for hours.

If that ass Richard who is always stealing your lunch money tries to peek over at your paper, though, you can take that protractor and turn it into a handy boomerang to smack him in the face. And, since it’s a long-range weapon, it can hit him with ease. That’ll teach him to mess with you.

Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart

You can watch Cheating Craft now on Crunchyroll with English subtitles worldwide outside of China, Japan, and Korea.

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