KAIJU GIRLS is one of the cutest shorts out there this season by far, but it tends to rely on some of the more obscure kaiju out there in order to tell most of its stories. That doesn’t keep fans from enjoying the silliness from episode to episode. But have you ever wondered what the monsters each girl represents are actually like? If you find yourself heading to Google each time a new character is introduced (like me when I first started viewing) you’ll definitely find this quick guide useful.

Aki Miyashita – Agira

We hear a lot from Aki, or Agira, in KAIJU GIRLS, as she’s one of the main characters of the show. She’s based on Agira, a Capsule Monster from the TV series Ultraseven. The dinosaur/ceratopsian kaiju is originally from Planet Animal, Nebula M78, and has two special roars at his disposal as well as super speed and a powerful horn. He wasn’t able to defeat all of the foes he went up against, but he was always appreciated by Ultraseven. It makes sense that Aki is the last to get her kaiju transformation since Agira himself struggled a bit as a Capsule Monster, too.

Miku Ushimaru – Miclas

The original Miclas was another Capsule Monster introduced in Ultraseven. He appeared as a bizarre horned creature with large yellow eyes and large pink lips–said to be a mixture of a bull, frog, and fish. Miclas can fire a red energy beam from his mouth, jump extremely high into the air, and knock other monsters back with ease thanks to its strength. It’s also vulnerable to both cold and electricity.

Reika Shiragane – Windom

Windom is also a Capsule Monster from Ultraseven (yes, all three main characters are based on Capsule Monsters). This robotic monster looks like a goofier version of a small Godzilla. He can shoot a laser beam from his forehead like Ultraseven’s Emerium Ray which can take out monsters in one shot. He can jump extremely high into the air. Because Windom is a robot, however, his brain may easily be tampered with.


The original Pigmon is way less cute than KAIJU GIRLS’ Pigmon. Originally seen in Ultraman, the Pigmon species itself is known to be a passive and friendly beast, so it makes sense that the gijin-ka Pigmon is a teacher and passive character in the anime series. Pigmon can turn into a red balloon to travel, petrify himself, and even speak to other monsters and human via telepathy.


First seen in Ultraman, Gomora is is an ancient kaiju species and an extremely powerful one at that. This particular kaiju has been seen in several offshoots of Ultraman as well as other films and spinoffs as well. Gomora possesses a “Mega-Ton Tail,” which can lift his entire body and can even live on its own if severed from his body. He can also burrow under the ground at extremely high speeds. This isn’t a monster you want to cross.

Red King

The Red King first appeared in Ultraman and doesn’t really look red or like a king at all, possessing fantastic physical strength but little or no supernatural powers. It looks almost like a Godzilla ripoff with smaller stones all over its body, in fact. It also has sharp teeth, the ability to use its teeth as razor-sharp weapons, and high physical endurance to stick it out in battle.


Zetton is yet another kaiju that made his first apperance in Ultraman, and also goes by “Z-Ton.” He resembles a gigantic beetle with large horns, and is considered to be the most powerful monster in the original Ultraman series. The Zetton Final Beam is a force to be reckoned with, as is his One Trillion Degree Fireball–which is exactly what it sounds like. He also possesses super strength, a special red beam, a Light Bullet attack, crystal-like energy force shield known as the Zetton Barrier, and even teleportation. This is one monster you don’t want to trifle with.

KAIJU GIRLS can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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