Wait, there’s a difference between editions of a book?

Miss Bernard said. (Bernard-jō Iwaku) is a short-form anime about a girl named Sawako (who calls herself Ms. Bernard) who claims to love books, but never reads them. Thus, she’s often lectured by the bookworms around her about the knowledge she should know about literature.

Don’t say you’ll read a book eventually–you never will

When Shiori–a female fan of sci-fi–offers a book to Sawako to read, the latter says she’ll read it “eventually.” However, Shiori informs her that saying you’ll read a book eventually is essentially saying you’ll never read it at all. After all, with so many books in the world, you’re bound to forget it eventually. It might be at the back of your mind, but you’ll probably never get around to it.

It’s impossible to choose your favorite book

When you’re a bookworm, it’s impossible to choose just one to reccomend. After all, each book has their own charm. In the case of Shiori, she babbles on about all the candidates for her book of choice… for 15 minutes.

Don’t write a recommendation for a book until you’ve read it

Just having the courage to open the cover of a book and getting lost in its words is hard enough–but writing an entire recommendation for a work of literature is an impossible task if you haven’t read the book. That doesn’t stop Sawako from trying, despite having only read the plot summary and reviews for the book she selected. Of course, she is quickly scolded by Shiori (seen in the GIF above).

Translation matters

In the anime, Shiori hesitates to lend one of her favorite books to Sawako because the translation is bad. But wait! A new edition with a new translation might be coming soon because of the upcoming movie adaptation! But why does translation matter so much? Of course, there’s the nuances that can be lost in the transition from language to language, but in my personal experience, having the names of characters differ depending on what version you read is extremely frustrating. Just try reading two translations of the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms and you’ll understand.

Sometimes, it’s fine not to just like the complicated stuff

The majority of Miss Bernard said. focuses on putting down the protagonist because she doesn’t read the complicated literature she lauds about. However, after trying to read Marcel Proust’s epic In Search of Lost Time, the girl realizes that maybe it’s best to like the books you like and not feel shame for what you enjoy–a statement that touches Shiori. And honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a good joke book?

Miss Bernard said. is streaming for free with subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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