Hey there Anime Now! readers and anyone else who has stumbled across this post. As the fall season reaches its midpoint, it’s time for us to ask you one question: “What are the best anime of the fall 2016 season?”

Next week, we will be posting our guide detailing our picks for the must-watch anime of this season. However, before we do, we could use your help.

Sarah, Toshi, Brittany, Renato, and I are already watching a good dozen anime apiece, but even that doesn’t cover all of this season’s 71 new anime. So it’s possible that there is a hidden gem out there that we have missed. That’s where you come in.

Fall 2016

Tell us what we should make sure to check out by voting in the poll below. You can vote for as many series as you like. If you have the time, please add a comment explaining why you picked the anime you did (this really helps us see why people love it). In the past when making seasonal guides like this, reader input like yours have been invaluable so I hope you’ll help us out this time as well.

Two notes before we get started: This poll only lists anime that started in the fall 2016 season. (Those that started in the summer already have their own poll.) Moreover, TV specials, films, and OVAs are not included either.

Poll: The Best Anime Series of Summer 2016

With all that out of the way, get to voting!

[*Note: If for some reason there are no clickable boxes next to the choices in the poll, try a different browser or click here to access the poll directly.]

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