Up until a couple of months ago, I couldn’t tell you what Haikyu!! was all about. Sports anime really isn’t my forte. I know vaguely what Kuroko’s Basketball is about and I’ve seen Kaleido Star. So there really wasn’t much for me to go on when I started watching Haikyu!! Season 3.

Why the third season when I’d never actually watched an episode before? Well, that’s because it needed coverage here at the site and I was the one who decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

After viewing the first few episodes of the third season without any prior context, I (hopefully understandably) have a lot of questions. Lots of them. But heading to a wiki to have these questions answered would just ruin the fun, right?

Are volleyball finals usually this important?

Haikyu!! definitely made volleyball itself seem like a life or death sport, but I wasn’t prepared for how important getting to something like finals would seem. Maybe I’m only really used to sports in America and the lackadaisical attitude most students have toward them when it comes to the area I live in, but it really seemed to be a huge event for everyone involved.

What’s up with Shiratorizawa Academy?

This rival team, from what I could gather, looked ridiculously professional and terrifying when compared to the team from Karasuno High School. And what’s up with that crazy-looking guy with red hair looking like some sort of grinning serial killer? I don’t like the way his mouth moves and I’m not sure why he’s such an erratic guy in general. If I were team Karasuno, I’d be more afraid of that guy than anything else. I’d almost be inclined to think he’s a reincarnation of Hunter x Hunter’s Hisoka. Is that on purpose?

Is the phrase “Nice kill” something they say in volleyball?

This could make me sound like an idiot, but the first time I saw the phrase “nice kill” referenced in the first episode of Haikyu!! season three, I thought I was missing some sort of strange reference to murder. I’m not sure what it means.

Daichi has some sort of marking on his cheek. What’s up with that?

From the very beginning of the episode the character Daichi has been shown to have some sort of blemish on his cheek. Is that some sort of volleyball-related injury or is it something to set him apart as a character? What’s the story behind that? No one seems to acknowledge that it’s there, so I guess I really missed out on what happened with it.

And finally…have the cheering squads been this intense during the rest of the series?

It looks like everyone on both sides of the big game has amazing choreography and fantastic cheerleaders. Has it been an every-game kind of thing across the rest of the Haikyu!! episodes? I love the enthusiasm all the students share for something as simple as a volleyball playoff with their colleagues. It seeps into the rest of the series, though I guess I’m just not nearly as invested as others so it seems a little bizarre to see such practiced and organized cheering. Hopefully as I get into the rest of the show I’ll be able to understand easier.

With those questions in mind, I’m ready to embark on my Haikyu!! journey and get into my first “real” sports anime…as long as no one’s going to mercilessly make fun of me. 

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