Brave Witches
Genre: Military, Historical Sci-fi, Magical Girl, Ecchi
Season: Fall 2016
Premiere Date: October 5, 2016


The Strike Witches project was created by Humikane Shimada, and began in 2005. Aside from manga, light novels, and video games, the franchise has inspired two television anime series, a three-part OVA series, and a film. Brave Witches is a spinoff that takes place in the same universe, but in a different location from the past anime series.



Hikari Karibuchi is a student attending the Empire of Fuso Yoyasu Aviation Preparatory Academy. Once again today, she runs up mountain trails alone as a magical girl, giving her all in order to catch up to her elder sister, who was considered an elite Witch and a hero of Sasebo. However, she receives a telegraph from the wireless transmission plant her father works at.

“The third aerial combat unit will reach the port today.”

“The third unit… That’s Big Sister!”

Overjoyed, Hikari is unable to hold her excitement and dashes off to where her sister is.


Hikari Karibuchi
Voice: Ai Kakuma


The protagonist of the story, Hikari, has a very strong sense of justice. She is a hard worker whose stamina and guts are above average. She respects her sister, and her dream and goal for the future is to become a Witch like her. More than anything, Hikari is an optimistic, energetic girl.

Takami Karibuchi
Voice: Rie Suegara


Hikari’s sister and an elite-class Witch from the Empire of Fuso. She keeps a smile and doesn’t waver in the face of any hardship, which gives hope to those around her. She’s a kind girl who doesn’t care about rank and makes friends with everyone. She adores her younger sister Hikari.

Naoe Kanno
Voice: Rie Murakawa


A girl with dauntless courage, Naoe is a fighter who will jump face first into battle without caring if her machinery breaks or not. Despite her sometimes brash choice of words and blunt personality, she’s in fact a very honest girl. She also has another side as a bookworm, as her hobby is reading. Her nickname is “Destroyer.”

Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
Voice: Natsumi Takamori


A girl who has extremely bad luck, but is positive and always does her best. She sometimes loses sight of the things around her due to her one-track mind, which leads her to being tricked often. She has earned the nickname of “Unlucky Katajainen” due to her bad luck.

Waltrud Krupinski
Voice: Kayo Ishida


She’s the ace Witch of the 502nd unit, but is a booze and woman-loving hedonist. Despite her young age, she has a mature lexicon and demeanor. She’s so easygoing that she doesn’t care about the small things–and doesn’t even care if she gets scolded. Just as a side note, Kanno, Nipa, and Krupinski have a habit of going around and destroying striker units, earning them the team name “Break Witches.”

Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin
Voice: Yumi Hara


An honors student type with a serious personality who just also happens to be a worrywart. Because she was given the position of combat commander at such a young age, she feels a large amount of pressure and is always trying very hard. Because of this, she has a short temper and the unit made up of Sugano, Nipa, and Krupinski that always smashes up units every single battle fears her.

Georgette Lemare
Voice: Haruka Terui


A girl who is introverted and serious, but who gets dragged along in the flow of things fairly easily. Because her magic’s fuel consumption is pretty bad, she is always hungry, and loves to eat. Perhaps this is why she gets along well with Shimohara, who is a good cook.

Sadako Shimohara
Voice: Marin Mizutani


A quiet and serious girl who has no problem getting along with anyone. Although she can complete most any task with no problem, she has difficulties with explaining things to others. She is good at cooking, and as such, she is the head of the 502nd squad’s kitchen.

Edytha Rossmann
Voice: Hiromi Igarashi


Edytha is normally a very serious girl who is good at teaching people things, but she’s extremely scary when angered. As the “teacher” of the 502nd squad, she is able to raise any problem child with patience.

Gundula Rall
Voice: Rina Satō


The candid big sister figure of the 502nd squad with a good observational eye. A realist with a dry personality, she is not only strict with others, but with herself as well. However, she also respects the opinions of her subordinates. She is ranked as the number three Witch in the world.

Where to Watch

Crunchyroll (worldwide except Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Portugal, and German, Italian, French, and Dutch-speaking European countries)


Official Website
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Original Creators: Humikane Shimada & Projekt World Witches
Planning: Takeshi Kikuchi, Daijō Kudō
Director/Anime Character Design: Kazuhiro Takamura
Original Character Design: Humikane Shimada
Series Composition: Striker Unit
Military/History Advisor: Takaaki Suzuki
Neuroi Design: Jūki Izumo
Mechanic Design: Shinobu Tsuneki
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Yoshida
Sound Production: Glovision 
Music: Seikō Nagaoka
Music Production: Nippon Columbia
Animation Production: SILVER LINK.
Production: Dai 502 Tōgō Sentō Kōkū-dan


Ai Kakuma as Hikari Karibuchi
Rie Suegara as Takami Karibuchi
Rie Murakawa as Naoe Kanno
Natsumi Takamori as Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
Kayo Ishida as Waltrud Krupinski
Yumi Hara as Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin
Haruka Terui as Georgette Lemare
Marin Mizutani as Sadako Shimohara
Hiromi Igarashi as Edytha Rossmann
Rina Satō as Gundula Rall

©2016 Shimada Humikane, KADOKAWA/Dai 502 Tōgō Sentō Kōkū-dan

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