Who says prison has to be drab?

Shō Futamata’s Nanbaka manga obviously stands out from the other series on the comico manga app with the choices of vibrant colors and gradients, but there’s one other thing that lets it shine… literally.

It’s sparkles.

In manga and anime, sparkles are usually reserved for comedical moments of narcissism–or sappy, romantic scenes. But Futamata makes the interesting choice in her weekly manga to add sparkles wherever she can.

If you’ve been watching anime for a fair amount of time, you’ll be able to notice that while some elements work in manga, many of these minor details like brush strokes and backgrounds are adapted into a different form for their anime. Well, someone at animation studio Satelight considered the sparkles in Nanbaka so important that the decision was made to be faithful to the manga and just put sparkles everywhere.


Even in seemingly mundane moments like in arts-and-crafts class…

…or when on cleaning duty…

…or even when escaping prison…


Heck, even the covers for the anime’s theme songs and character songs have the prisoners and wardens drowning in sparkles!

ED2_h_1_4 jk Print

Female anime fans sometimes say that anime boys are sparkly when they’re handsome, but this might be taking that statement it bit too far.

The Nanbaka anime–as well as the manga it was based off of–are both available on Crunchyroll.

ⒸSho FUTAMATA/comico/Nanba Prison Correctional Committee

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