The latest GANTZ movie, GANTZ:O is a full CG movie that covers a later chapter in the GANTZ saga. To celebrate its release, a gallery complete with a special VR experience was opened to the public–and, like the movie, it was pretty cool.

Grab Your Popcorn, Gantz: O is One Heck of a Ride

Located in Lumine 0 on the 5th floor of the NEWoMan plaza in Shinjuku, Tokyo, was the movie release celebration special gallery, GANTZ:O.

Inside the gallery, the entire place has been given a black makeover, giving everything a very clean, high-contrast, GANTZ-esque theme to it.

On display were character models for the various people and things that make an appearance in the movie, as well as storyboard images breaking down various scenes.





There were also a few interactive storyboards on scrolling panels where you could see more directly the thought that went into some of the iconic scenes from the movie.



Some copies of the script were on display in glass cases. I kind of appreciated how they took the extra step to do the covers in black to add to the atmosphere.



Finally, there was an interactive VR experience. Closed off behind a fence were twenty black spherical chairs–which from the back resembled the black GANTZ sphere–where people could sit and don a VR headset.





The VR experience itself was an early scene from the movie where the movie’s protagonist, Masaru Kato, fights a giant monster in order to protect a group of innocent civilians. It’s both exciting and entertaining while simultaneously showcasing the movie and VR itself. The scene, for the most part, plays out exactly like the movie with a few modifications. It’s all pretty fun and made me want to go back and give the movie another viewing.


The movie release celebration special gallery, GANTZ:O was open to the public from September 14th to October 23rd.

The GANTZ:O movie is currently playing in theaters in Japan.

Promotional Image Copyright: ©HIROYA OKU/SHUEISHA, GANTZ:O Project

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