It seems Super Mario has been taking some time away from the Mushroom Kingdom only to transform unsuspecting men into fat superhero perverts tasked with stopping an alien invasion.

New anime To Be Hero is the story of a toilet seat manufacturer and single father. “Ossan” (Old Man), as he is called by his teenaged daughter, is also a playboy. He utilizes his good looks to seduce young women–even though he is far into his middle age–and thus neglects said daughter, Min-chan, in the process.

One day, after being dragged home by his daughter from one such romantic rendezvous, Ossan sits down on the toilet only to be magically pulled through the pipes into the sewer. There he finds a gigantic green pipe–and on top of it stands the silhouette of a burly man in overalls.

Soon, the mysterious man begins ranting about becoming a superhero and fighting alien invaders. Before Ossan can get any real info out of the man, he finds himself transformed into a fat, perverted slob and sent back home.

Without saying anything further, it’s obvious that this mysterious, superpower-granting character is a parody of Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario series of games. Though, once the silhouette has been fully revealed, we see that, for copyright purposes, he looks quite a bit different from Mario.

His overalls are green (with giant heart-shaped buttons) instead of red. His hair is grey, not black. He wears a hard hat in lieu of his trademarked poor boy cap–though both hats are red in color. His voice is even higher than Mario’s, with the voice actor speaking in constant falsetto.

But lest you doubt this is Mario, the background music becomes an 8-bit chiptune with his appearance and when Ossan leaves the sewers, he exits from the toilet with a familiar 8-bit sound effect. Oh, and in the second episode, he’s even called Mario by name–though technically it is “Mar*o” thanks to the name being bleeped.

What is Mario’s true goal? Is he friend or foe? And will Ossan even be able to de-transform and return to his daughter and their normal life together? We’ll just have to continue watching the raunchy humor-filled anime to find out.

To Be Hero can be viewed for free and with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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