One of the coolest aspects of BBK/BRNK is the way the characters gain glowing fluorescent highlights when they power up in battle. But I always wondered if there was a reason for this beyond looking cool, so I asked BBK/BRNK‘s director.

BBK/BRNK is set in a world where a select few inherit living weapons known as “Bubuki” at the moment of their births. These weapons can combine with other Bubuki to create a giant robot known as a Buranki. When two Bubuki wielders battle, something odd happens: their clothes begin the glow with fluorescent highlights.

At the BBK/BRNK: The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy premiere in Tokyo last month, I was able to sit down with Director Daizen Komatsuda to talk about the series’ themes, characters, and story for an interview that will be coming to ANIME NOW! early next week. At one point during the interview, the conversation turned toward the mystery of why exactly the characters glow when they fight.

As it turns out, the main reason is a practical one centered around the fact that most of the action in the anime takes place at night.

“When the fighting is in complete darkness, you become unable to see who is fighting who,” Komatsuda began, “but if the characters are glowing at night, you can tell who the characters are. Like, if it’s orange it’s Azuma. If it’s forest green it’s Hiiragi.”

But while visual distinction is important to us as the viewers so that we can see and understand what is going on, I wondered if there was perhaps an in-story reason for the glowing highlights.

“Each Bubuki protects its human master with a barrier,” Komatsuda explained, “This energy barrier expands through the person’s clothes, so they glow.”

Of course, beyond the practical application and the story reason, Komatsuda had one other reason for the colorful effects:¬†“They’re really beautiful looking.”

BBK/BRNK and BBK/BRNK: The Gentle Giants of the Galaxy can be viewed for free and with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Look for our full interview with Director Daizen Komatsuda early next week.

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