Death Note Light Up the NEW world is the third main film in the live action film series. Now, just over a week before its release, we get a new trailer that showcases the cast and conflicts in a reality where six Death Notes are dropped into an unsuspecting world.

English subtitles by our own Sarah Nelkin.

Taking place a decade after the death of Death Note-wielding serial killer Kira, Light Up the NEW world features a new generation of characters in the Death Note drama. Tsukuru Mishima is a young police detective obsessed with the long-dead Kira and is considered the successor of the late Detective Yagami. He is joined in the hunt to find and destroy the Death Notes by Ryuzaki, the successor of “L,” the man who gave his own life in a desperate–yet successful–gamble to take the serial killer down. On the other side is Yuki Shien, a cyber terrorist who is given Kira’s own Death Note and is more than happy to continue Kira’s quest to punish the guilty from where he left off.

A three-episode miniseries giving some backstory to each of the three has already been released in Japan on Hulu under the title Death Note: New Generation.

New Miniseries Shows the World Ten Years after Death Note

Death Note Light Up the NEW world will be released in Japanese theaters on October 29, 2016. There is currently no word on a Western release.

Copyright: © Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata/Shueisha, ©2016「DEATH NOTE」FILM PARTNERS

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