What am I looking at?

That’s what I thought with my head in my hands when I saw voice actress Satomi Akesaka retweet this:

For those of you who can’t read Japanese, this advert says that the newest line of Gakuen Handsome merchandise will be metal pin badges with images of the show’s… uh… “handsome”… characters’ nipples.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to only feel shame when buying one of these crazy buttons. You can also feel that you’re doing something good in the world, because when you buy one of these “Nipplus” badges, a person in an impoverished nation will be given one nutritional meal. In fact, the tagline for the product is “Turning nipples into milk!” Maybe we’re just supposed to ignore the fact that all the nipples being featured on the buttons are those of the show’s male characters.

This campaign is being done with the assistance of Doctors without Borders, an “international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation” that provides medical aid to impoverished countries around the world. Although the Nipplus badges retail for 480 yen (about USD $4.50), customers are able to donate money in addition to the price for the badge, hence the “Nipplus” name.

While the buttons will be available at more retailers at a later time, they are being sold a bit early at the “Gakuen Handsome a go! go! SHOP” that will be at the Ikebukuro Parco department store from October 18 to 30. You can check out some of the other weird–I mean, handsome–merchandise that is on sale here.

Gakuen Handsome can be viewed for free with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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