Genre: Modern Fantasy, Music, Comedy
Season: Fall 2016
Premiere Date: October 8, 2016
Number of Episodes: 25


ClassicaLoid is an original anime project animated by Sunrise, the animation studio that created established franchises such as Mobile Suit Gundam. The project was announced in July 2016.



Great Geniuses, Lousy Guests

Out with the Mundane. In with the Musik!

Kanae and Sosuke are two high-school students living in the suburbs in Japan where music flourishes. One day, they encounter Beethoven and Mozart, two suspicious men who call themselves ClassicaLoids. The “Musik” they play have mysterious powers, such as causing meteor showers and summoning giant robots. Kanae and Sosuke’s daily lives suddenly turn chaotic!

Adding to the commotion are the appearances of other ClassicaLoids such as Bach, Chopin, Liszt, and Schubert.

What is the big secret behind their powers? And are they a threat to humankind, or could they be saviors?


Voice: Tomokazu Sugita20160927162850

Nicknamed Beet, Beethoven is eccentric and prideful, but a genius nonetheless. He is stubborn and picky, but his inquisitive mind is incredible. Although he acts high-and-mighty because of his dedication to his convictions, he is in fact quite naive when it comes to society.

Voice: Yūki Kaji


Nicknamed Moz, Mozart is wild and childish, but a genius nonetheless. He’s an innocent young man who lives according to his instincts. There are many times that his logic strays from common sense, but Mozart himself doesn’t really care and lives life at his own pace. His lack of ability to read the room sometimes turns heads…

Kanae Otowa
Voice: Mikako Komatsu


A high school student who lives her days protecting the old mansion she inherited from her grandmother as its landlady. In truth, she should really be living it up as a high-class daughter of an established family, but thanks to her father using up all their fortune, she lives a fairly humble life. This has led her to becoming rather worldly despite her age. Serious and strong-willed, she has the toughness needed to deal with the free-spirited ClassicaLoids.

Sosuke Kagura
Voice: Nobunaga Shimazaki


Kanae’s childhood friend who is a fairly normal high school student. He dreams of becoming a famous musician, but since he’s never continued any music lessons for very long, it doesn’t seem as if he’ll ever escape the realm of normality. A bit over-confident, Sosuke is part wannabe surfer dude and wannabe musician.

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Director: Yōichi Fujita
Original Character Design: Makoto Tsuchibayashi
Character Design: Seiichi Hashimoto
Series Composition: Ichirō Sakaki, Michihiro Tsuchiya
Scripts: Shū Matsubara, Kyō Kogure, Tsuyoshi Kida, Miya Asakawa
Music: Masashi Hamauzu
Animation Production: Sunrise
Production, Creation: NHK, BN Pictures


Tomokazu Sugita as Beethoven
Yūki Kaji as Mozart
Mikako Komatsu as Kanae Otowa
Nobunaga Shimazaki as Sosuke Kagura
Kōsuke Toriumi as Chopin
Mamiko Noto as Liszt
Tomoaki Maeno as Schubert
Aya Endō as Tchaikovsky
M.A.O as Badarzewska
Taiten Kusunoki as Bach
Akira Ishida as Pad-kun


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ClassicaLoid Is about the Battle between Creative Types and Realists

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