The three villains of the original Time Bokan were iconic. So it would be natural that they’d make an appearance in the new remake, Time Bokan 24. Iterations of the trio have appeared as the main antagonists throughout the multiple Time Bokan series. They’ve always been bumbling evildoers who would get their asses handed to them almost every episode, but in this latest iteration, they’ve become much more sympathetic.

Note: This article contains mild spoilers for Time Bokan 24.

In the original Time Bokan that aired in 1976, the trio of baddies were a group of time bandits who used their mechanical knowhow to build evil machines to try to make a little profit. The father of the protagonists, a Professor Kieta, had been testing the time travel machine, the Time Bokan, when he went missing. His parrot returned carrying with him a stone made out of the world’s most valuable material, Dynamond. Professor Kieta’s grandchildren embarked on a quest through time to find their lost grandfather, while the three bad guys, Majo, Grokky, and Walther, pursued them in order to get their hands on the Dynamond and possibly find more of it.

The original three baddies were equal parts greedy, cruel, and stupid. Their motive was clear: They were in it for the money. And they weren’t about to let those pesky little kids get in their way.

Let’s Do the Time Bokan Again!

The new trio of Time Bokan 24 share the same general aesthetic look as the original three, but their motives are very different. Bimajo, Tsubuyakky, and Suzukky are employees of a large corporation that prints history books. They’re after the series protagonists, not out of greed, but because they’re ordered to. They work for cheap wages to stop the protagonists from discovering true history so that their company doesn’t have to fix every single history book in existence. Their boss–an enigmatic figure with an image of a skull hiding his face–even makes them switch out the pages of the history books by hand when they fail and shocking them with electric shocks when they complain.

The three aren’t necessarily evil, even though what they do is. They just happen to be working for the ones doing the real evil, trying to avoid responsibility. Bimajo, Tsubuyakky, and Suzukky are just simple employees, and not even high-level ones either. They’re not in it for money, glory, or power. They’re just trying to earn an easy paycheck and get by. Personally, I feel much more sorry for them as their mech is destroyed in a skull-shaped cloud every episode than I did the characters they’re based on.

Time Bokan 24 can be viewed with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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