Tiger Mask W
Genre: Sports
Season: Fall 2016
Premiere Date: October 2, 2016


Tiger Mask began as a manga by Ikki Kajiwara and Naoki Tsuji in Kodansha’s Bokura magazine in 1968 and remained there until it moved to Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1970, where it continued to serialize until 1971. Animation studio Toei Animation adapted this series into a two-year-long anime in 1969. This anime inspired a sequel–Tiger Mask II–in 1981. Tiger Mask W is a series made to celebrate Toei Animation’s 60th anniversary. Some characters from the previous Tiger Mask anime series make appearances, as well as real-life wrestlers.



The mask of the tiger that the first Tiger Mask left behind is passed on to a new wrestler…! A new fight with the revived Tiger’s Den organization is brought to the present!


The protagonists of this story are Naoto Azuma and Takuma Fujii: two young wrestlers. Although they were initially just students at Zipang, a small pro-wrestling organization, Zipang is destroyed by the evil wrestling organization, the Global Wrestling Monopoly (GWM).


In order to get revenge, Naoto undergoes training in the wilderness and becomes “New Tiger Mask,” while Takuma joins the Tiger’s Den and becomes “Tiger the Dark.” The tiger of light and the tiger of darkness… What battles await them? And what will become of their friendship?


Azuma Naoto/Tiger Mask
Voice: Taku Yashiro


A 21-year old man who was once a junior wrestler in the small wrestling organization Zipang Pro-Wrestling. However, everything changed when Zipang was crushed by the massive western organization, GWM. In order to defeat the Tiger’s Den, the group behind the GWM, he begins his training to become Tiger Mask, the hero that defeated Tiger’s Den once before.

Takuma Fujii/Tiger the Dark
Voice: Yūichirō Umehara


A wrestler who is Naoto Azuma’s friend. Although they were part of the same Zipang Pro-Wrestling organization, he vows revenge for his father who was critically injured when the organization was crushed by the GWM. He enters the Tiger’s Den out of his free will, determined to destroy it from the inside. After undergoing the Tiger’s Den rigorous training, he finally becomes “Tiger the Dark.” He is currently 21 years old.

Haruna Takaoka
Voice: Suzuko Mimori


The niece of Kentaro Takaoka, the only man who knows the true identity of the first Tiger Mask. She is also one of the only people to know Naoto’s identity and serves as Tiger Mask’s manager. She has feelings for Naoto, but she hides her feelings as she supports him as his manager.

Kentarō Takaoka
Voice: Ryōichi Tanaka


The friend of Naoto Date, the first Tiger Mask. He trains Naoto Azuma to become the new Tiger Mask while running his small bike shop Takaoka Motors. He supports New Tiger Mask alongside his niece, Haruna Takaoka.

Daisuke Fujii
Voice: Takeshi Kusao


Takuma Fujii’s father. He once lead the Zipang Pro-Wrestling organization that both Naoto and Takuma were a part of. He was critically injured by Yellowdevil, a wrestler sent by the Tiger’s Den, and since then, he has continued to undergo rehabiliation at a hospital.

Ruriko Yamashina
Voice: Chiemi Chiba


A nurse at the hospital where the president of Zipang Pro-Wrestling is hospitalized. She has interest in Naoto, who often comes to visit.

Hikari Kuruma
Voice: Izumi Kitta


A female reporter who writes about professional wrestling for Monthly Pro Wrestling World. She finds herself being drawn to Tiger the Dark and the secret he holds after getting closer to him.

Ryū Wakamatsu
Voice: Daisuke Kishio


A wrestler who respects Kazuchika Okada, Ryu is a young wrestler who is part of the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization and fights under the name “Young Lion.” He forms a tag-team with Tiger Mask during the mysterious fighter’s debut match.

Yūji Nagata
Voice: Masaki Terasoma


The leader of the other wrestlers. As part of administration, he tends to put priority on drawing in customers.

Mister X
Voice: Hidekatsu Shibata


A manager of the “Tiger’s Den” and Miss X’s boss. He holds a strong grudge against Tiger Mask.

Miss X
Voice: Yū Kobayashi


A manager of the Tiger’s Den. She’s not just a beauty–she’s a skilled fighter as well. She considers Tiger Mask to be an enemy, but is in fact overwhelmed by his power.

Voice: Bin Shimada


A wrestler for the “Tiger’s Den.” After critically injuring Daisuke Fujii and crushing the Zipang Pro Wrestling organization, he became Naoto and Takuma’s fated enemy.

Kazuchika Okada
Voice: Masakazu Morita


The champion of the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization, this wrestler fights alongside Tiger Mask in order to oppose GWM.

Hiroshi Tanahashi
Voice: Kenichi Suzumura


The ace of the New Japan Pro Wrestling organization. He assists Tiger Mask in the development of his special technique.

Where to Watch

Crunchyroll (United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Central and South America, the Caribbean)


Official Website
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Series Director: Toshiaki Komura
Series Composition: Katsuhiko Chiba
Character Design: Hisashi Kagawa
Action Animation Director: Junichi Hayama
Art Design: Yoshito Watanabe
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX), yaiba
Opening Theme Song: “Yuke! Tiger Mask” (Go! Tiger Mask) by Shōnan no Kaze
Ending Theme Song: “KING OF THE WILD” by Shōnan no Kaze
Animation Production: Toei Animation


Taku Yashiro as Azuma Naoto/Tiger Mask
Yūichirō Umehara as Takuma Fujii/Tiger the Dark
Suzuko Mimori as Haruna Takaoka
Masakazu Morita as Kazuchika Okada
Kenichi Suzumura as Hiroshi Tanahashi
Ryōichi Tanaka as Kentarō Takaoka
Takeshi Kusao as Daisuke Fujii
Chiemi Chiba as Ruriko Yamashina
Izumi Kitta as Hikari Kuruma
Daisuke Kishio as Ryū Wakamatsu
Masaki Terasoma as Yūji Nagata
Hidekatsu Shibata as Mister X
Yu Kobayashi as Miss X
Bin Shimada as Yellowdevil
Jun Fukuyama as Kevin Anderson
Yasuaki Takumi as Mike Rodrigues
Eiji Takemoto as Odin
Togi Makabe as Togi Makabe

©Ikki Kajiwara, Naoki Tsuji/Kodansha, TV Asahi, Toei Animation

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