I haven’t bought a Dragon Ball game since Budokai 2 on the PS2 over a decade ago. Ten minutes with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s six-player co-op combat is going to change that.

Last week at Bandai Namco’s pre-TGS event in Tokyo, we were able to get some hands-on time with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. But while I got some time with the single player–a story where your original character has to stop the villains that are going through time trying to alter the franchise’s key fights–it was my time with the six-player co-op that has me primed to pick up the game.

In the co-op demo, Toshi, Sarah, me, and three others were pit against giant ape Vegeta in the climactic battle of Dragon Ball Z‘s first arc.

In six player co-op, you are able to pick any of the game’s dozens of characters. However, for the demo, we were instructed to play as the pre-made player-created characters with me as a female Sayian, Toshi as a Namekian, and Sarah as one of Frieza’s Race.

After choosing we appeared in a giant open field surrounding Vegeta and the battle began. You can see our victorious fight in the video below (I’m the left screen, Toshi is the right one).

From this fight (and our unrecorded first failure), I learned a bit about fighting the giant sized boss.

1) Ranged attacks are key

When fighting someone so big, standing back and taking potshots is not only more likely to give you the time and space needed to avoid attacks, but also lets you use attacks that are more likely to hit a constantly moving giant target.

2) But you can do some cool things up close

While melee attacks often don’t connect–as even a twitch of Vegeta’s tail can move it out of melee range–that doesn’t mean you should always hang back. A grab attack on Vegeta’s tail, for example, lets you lift him up by it for a few seconds, making him an easy target for the rest of the team.

3) The giant boss isn’t the only target

Every once in a while, the boss will mind-control one of your team members. Their character will be taken over by the computer and attack the rest of the team. At the same time, the mind controlled player will find themselves fighting a mirror match battle against the invader within his or her own mind. If beaten on the inside, the player recovers instantly. If the mind-controlled character is defeated by the other players in the real world, however, it will need to be healed by another player before rejoining the battle.

4) Don’t lose an energy clash against the boss

Once or twice during the battle, the boss will charge up a super powerful but slow-moving energy attack. If you let the attack reach the ground, it’s game over for the whole team (or at least it was in our case). To stop it, you can either try to catch it or shoot energy attacks into it to push it back–and it takes the whole team working together to do this.

5) Super Saiyan is fun, but Great Namek form is awesome

My character was a female Saiyan, so I went Super Saiyan 3 at the earliest opportunity and never changed back. Toshi, on the other hand, was a Namekian. So when he transformed, he grew giant in size, able to fight Vegeta one-on-one for a short time. It was pretty awesome.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 25, 2016 in North America and on October 28, 2016 in Europe. The Microsoft Windows version will be released via Steam on October 27, 2016.

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