The SHOW BY ROCK!! anime turned heads when it was announced all the way back in 2014. After all, the show would become the first late-night anime for Sanrio, the creators of such family-friendly content as Hello Kitty and Pom Purin. The first season had its share of craziness when it aired last year–with a talking pink guitar, a male rock band with their own lame theme song, and a run-down music agency run by a self-centered egg with legs. After going to see the first episode of the second season at the premiere on Sunday, I can assure you that the new series takes its madness to a whole new level.


How crazy? Well, the director Takahiro Ikezoe (seen sandwiched between the female cast members in the photo above) told fans at the premiere that he wanted people watching the anime to think they were on the wrong channel. And he most likely succeeded–if I had turned on my TV expecting to watch SHOW BY ROCK!! season two on the day of its broadcast premiere, I probably would have been shocked.

The first episode begins in space, where a fleet of ships run by a sexy commander are ominously floating through the cosmos–heading towards MIDI City (from the first season) in order to invade.


Only a few moments later and we’re transported to the city, where our protagonists are being tortured by… by gothic punk rock music. So our grandmothers were right to think that punk rock music would kill us all. In order to prevent our heroes’ terrible fate, three time ninjas warp back to the past to protect the members of the Plasmagica band and their friends.

The members of this band include an anthropomorphized golden retriever, an alien sheep, and a purple rabbit.

Please let me remind you, dear reader, that I am talking about the first five minutes of the first episode. And it only gets crazier from there.

Okay, SHOW BY ROCK!! season two–you’ve got my attention. “Show” me what you’ve got.

The anime will premiere on Japanese television channel Tokyo MX at 10:00 p.m. JST on October 2. If you need to catch up before then with the first season and the currently-airing series of shorts featured in Show By Rock!! Short!!, FUNimation Entertainment is streaming both of those anime on its website in English.

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