The sword boys are finally ready to come out and play. On Saturday, TOHO Animation began streaming the main promotional video for Tōken Ranbu -Hanamaru-, the first of two planned anime adaptations of the Tōken Ranbu mobile game about swords that have turned into cute boys to fight evil.

Kiyomitsu: The year is 2205. Today once again, we who were born from swords fight to the death against the Time Traveling Squad, who seek to change history.
Imanotsurugi: Sorry!
Kiyomitsu: Well, I guess you don’t have to wash your face now.
Hachisukakotetsu: What a refreshing morning.
Heshikirihasebe: Why are you taking a bath at a time like this?
All: This anime tells the story of the very pleasant days spent by sword boys in the inner citadel.
Yasusada: Our citadel is once again very pleasant today.

You can check out more about Yasusada and Kiyomitsu at the article we previously wrote about the series.

A Closer Look at the Characters of Tōken Ranbu -Hanamaru-

Tōken Ranbu -Hanamaru- is an upcoming television anime series that is inspired by Nitroplus and DMM Games’ Japan-only mobile game Tōken Ranbu, which transforms historical swords into beautiful men. The game actually has two anime in the works, with Tōken Ranbu -Hanamaru- set to premiere on October 3 from animation studio Doga Kobo, and another anime tentatively titled Tōken Ranbu from studio ufotable is planned for a 2017 premiere.

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