Announced today at Tokyo Game Show 2016, AKIBA’S TRIP -THE ANIMATION- will be premiering in January 2017.

This new anime is based on the video game AKIBA’S TRIP that was originally released in 2011. The story of the game involves tearing the clothes off of vampires to expose their bodies to lethal solar rays in Japan’s otaku mecca, Akihabara.


The new anime series will be directed by Seiyu’s Life! (Sore ga Seiyu!) director Hiroshi Ikehata, with animation by the animation studio, Gonzo (Full Metal Panic!). Series composition will be by ReLIFE series composer and scriptwriter, Kazuho Hyodo and character designs by Hajime Mitsuda, an artist who worked on The Familiar of Zero FM (Zero no Tsukaima F).

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