At Bandai-Namco’s Pre-TGS event in Tokyo yesterday, we were able to learn a bit about Digimon World: Next 0rder’s upcoming international release. Here’s the rundown.

Name: Digimon World: Next 0rder
System: PS4
Release Date: Early 2017
Voice Languages: English, Japanese
Text Languages (NA): English, French, Spanish
Text Languages (EU): English, French, Spanish, Italian, German

Interestingly, the game is not identical to the Vita version released in Japan earlier this year. Instead, there are a number of improvements. The first is an obvious graphical facelift. Rather than simply adding HD textures to the game, terrain and structures have been upgraded with new, more complex redesigns that utilize the PS4’s greater power.

The game now also includes thirty new story events and twelve Digimon that were not included in the Vita release of the game who can now join your party–like cute little MarineAngemon.

Finally, in response to Japanese fan complaints that the game was too easy, the game’s difficulty has also been rebalanced for the PS4.

Digimon World: Next 0rder will be released for the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe in early 2017.

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