91 Days is a somber story about a young man named Avilio (real name Angelo) looking for revenge on the mafia family that took his mother, father, and younger brother’s lives when he was just a child. In order to do this, he worms his way into the very organization he holds hatred toward: the Vanetti family. Soon he becomes the constant companion of Nero, one of the gangsters responsible for his family’s deaths.

Nero, oblivious to Avilio’s true purpose, is a key player a mafia turf war–a war that is not going well for his side. Soon, he is left with only two choices: let his family’s organization be swallowed up by the rivaling Galassia family and follow their orders or fight back against the Galassia to the very end–even if that means going against his brother Frate as a result.

Nero’s sister Fio takes an interesting position in between both of her brothers. While she cannot do anything directly, she goes so far as to marry the head of the Galassias, Ronaldo, in order to protect her family and join the two mafia clans together. Just by watching her appearances in the anime, it’s very hard to tell if she actually loves him or is just doing her “duty as a woman” during the times of the Prohibition period. Whether she has affection for him or not, she shows throughout the show that she will choose her brothers and father above her husband no matter what the circumstance. As long as her brothers stop fighting and are alive, she is happy with the outcome.

Nero, on the other hand, feels a strong attachment to the history and achievements of his family name, and thus chooses to hold onto this pride until he dies. Nero’s brother Flate gives up the power of the Vanettis name to the Galassias–assuring that his family will be able to continue to exist. Nero’s actions, however, show that more than just exisiting, he cares about his family’s notoriety and power. To him, fighting back against the Galassia Family only to be destroyed is a better fate than to survive and serve their rivals like obedient dogs. Just like family and safety is the most important thing to his sister Fio, Nero considers pride and legacy to be what makes up his being.

Because of these clashing ideals for what the family should be, Nero and Flate find themselves in constant conflict throughout a majority of the show. As a silent observer, Avilio serves Nero as his assistant, watching the Vanetti family drama unfold while waiting for his chance to strike back against the men who killed his family. It’s an ironic setting: the very people who destroyed his family are now ripping themselves apart. It looks like Avilio’s task of getting rid of the members of the Vanetti Family will be much easier than he originally thought.

Crunchyroll, FUNimation Form Partnership to Release Anime

91 Days is available to watch now at Crunchyroll with English subtitles. FUNimation Entertainment has just announced that as part of their partnership with Crunchyroll, they will be producing a broadcast dub for the show soon.

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