Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars was put on hiatus after airing only four episodes, citing the fact that the anime did not meet the quality that the production team had originally aimed for. Now, the anime has returned, re-airing its first episode. Here’s a breakdown of what changes we were able to find.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Anime Suspends Broadcasts Till September

[Note: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars]

Regalia takes place in a world where, twelve years ago, an event called the “Rimgald Fall” occurred. In this event, every inhabitant of the kingdom of Rimgald suddenly vanished. The intro of the anime shows what happened during the climax of the event–and here we are presented with two slight changes right off the bat.

In the intro scene, in a laboratory, we are shown that the mysterious character, Johan, is present during the incident. In the original aired episode, he was not. This changes how we perceive Johan’s character. It is shown in the previously aired episodes that Johan plays the part of the “mysterious mastermind”–giving cryptic lines and alluding to a greater mystery. While it is hinted that Johan knows something about the main mecha of the series–the Regalia–and is involved with them in some way, his direct involvement with the Rimgald Fall incident gives a clearer picture to just how far his hand reaches into the incidents of the world.

Another change is in the intro fight between two Regalia, the red Regalia Alect, and the white Regalia Tisis. A brief cut has been added where the pilot of the Regalia Tisis, Sara, notes that something is wrong with the pilot of the Regalia Alect, Lena. This change, again, while minor, completely changes the dynamic of the fight. Whereas originally the fight is just a fight, we now see that it’s a one-sided fight with Sara not understanding why Lena is attacking her. It also lets us know that Sara knows who Lena is, has an established relationship with her, and that this aggressive behavior is not par for the course for Lena.

The next change is in a scene when Lena awaits her sister, Yui. Lena encounters Kay, the core unit of the third Regalia, the Regalia Megaela. In the original episode, the conversation between the two goes as follows:

Kay: You have someone you care about now, too, don’t you, Lena?

She should know what happened twelve years ago in Rimgald.

Lena: Kay, what’s going on?

Kay: I’ll be waiting for you.

In the re-aired episode, the conversation has changed to add a greater sense of threat:

Kay: You wouldn’t want what happened twelve years ago in Rimgald to happen in this country, would you?

You have someone you care about now, too, don’t you, Lena?

I’ll be waiting for you.

The conversation becomes entirely one-sided and also indicates that what happened in the Rimgald Fall incident can be replicated. This slight change adds gravity to the situation while retaining the original sense of mystery behind the incident twelve years go.

Watching the original and the re-aired episodes back to back, these were the only major changes I could find. There may be other, more subtle, changes in sound editing or animation detail, but these were the only ones that I noticed.

The original first episode was rather solid in and of itself. It may have already met the quality level the creators were going for–meaning there was little need to tweak things. We’ll see what other changes have been made as subsequent episodes are aired. That said, what changes they did make to the first episode do have an overall greater impact on the story at large and, in my opinion, do make the groundwork for the series more solid.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars can be viewed with English subtitles on FUNimation, Daisuki, and AnimeLab (AU/NZ).

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