WWW.Working!! is the fourth Wagnaria!! series. But newcomers fear not. While the new series takes place in the same world as the original Wagnaria!!, it features a different restaurant and an all new cast of characters, making it perfect for jumping on and getting into even if you haven’t seen any of the previous series.

Much like the previous series, WWW.Working!! is based off of a four-panel comic series. However, unlike the original Wagnaria!!, which was published in a physical magazine, WWW.Working!! was a web comic by the same author–hence the “WWW” in the title.


The WWW.Working!! anime project was originally an April Fools’ joke back in 2011. I was fortunate enough to view the first episode of WWW.Working!! at a premiere event this past September 4, and the cast all remembered their surprise that what started out as a one-shot gag had come to fruition. Yuichi Nakamura who plays the protagonist for the new series noted that he had been asked to take the role for the April Fools joke (Note: Yuichi Nakamura also has a role in the original Wagnaria!! series). When the joke became a reality, it was pretty much expected of him that he remain the voice actor for the protagonist of the series. According to Nakamura, it was the “most unusual way” in which he had landed the role of a protagonist for a series.

WWW.Working!! is the slice-of-work story of Daisuke Higashida, a high school student who is forced to work at the restaurant, Wagnaria, part time in order to earn his allowance because his father’s business has gone under. There, he meets and interacts with the varied and colorful staff members who work at the store.

Right from the onset, we’re shown that the people who populate the store each have their own eccentricities and quirks with Daisuke serving as the “normal” audience proxy. From people who can see ghosts to bourgeoisie people who try to solve all their problems with money, the wacky and outlandish hijinks are pretty much nonstop.


The Wagnaria!! series as a whole has always been about over-the-top humor with peculiar characters doing outlandish things. It’s advised that you leave your serious hat at the door and go with the crazy to fully enjoy the world that is placed before you. Yet despite involving off-the-wall characters, the restaurant itself and the work procedures themselves feel well-grounded in reality, to where anyone who has eaten at a Japanese family restaurant will find the atmosphere of the Wangaria restaurant familiar.

As stated above, WWW.Working!! shares the same world as its predecessor, Wagnaria!! There are some nods and homages to the previous series, but one does not need to be a veteran of the series to hop on board and enjoy the ride. To be honest, if the previous series’ three seasons feels too daunting or impenetrable, this fresh new start is ideal for getting a taste of what the series is like.

WWW.Working!! begins airing in Japan on October 1.

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