Tying into the latest One Piece movie, One Piece Film Gold, the Tokyo Dome City Attractions amusement park in Tokyo and Hirakata Park in Osaka (in collaboration with event organizers SCRAP) are currently holding an event titled Escape from Golden Amusement Park. It’s a “real escape game,” much like the recent Ace Attorney real escape game, where players must solve puzzles to hopefully escape/complete the event.

In Escape from Golden Amusement Park, players play the role of adventurers who have arrived at the floating casino city of Gantesoro. There, they are registered as “1 star” members of the casino. Their objective of the game is to become “3 star” members and participate in a game of chance where they can hopefully win a billion Berries, the official currency of the One Piece world.

Unlike most real escape games, the Escape from Golden Amusement Park has no restrictive time limit other than real-world limits like the event period, park business hours, etc. Players are free to roam the park, relax, go on rides, and enjoy themselves while participating in the game. Players can choose either the normal course, or the “Rookie course,” where the difficulty has been lowered for younger children.


Participants are given a Gran Tesoro game guide, casino sheet, and either a five free ride pass for any rides in the park, or a one day passport for free rides all day depending on which ticket they purchased with which to participate in the game.

The game guide shows the initial puzzles players must solve to increase their rank from 1 star to 2 star. Solving some of the puzzles involves having to go on specific rides. Others can be solved by going to specific locations within the park where hints have been laid out.


As our group (myself, Sarah, and Richard) went with the normal difficulty, I can’t really comment on the “Rookie course” difficulty. For the normal course, though, the difficulty of puzzles ranged from easy to pretty damn challenging. Some were easy enough that I could instinctively tell what the solution was, if not how to reach that solution. Others were completely baffling. Fortunately, there is a handy online guide made available to players if they ever get stuck.

The game itself never lost its sense of fun. Being in an amusement park and going on rides also helped a lot. There was an atmosphere of adventure and–as Tesoro himself likes to say all the time–entertainment. It was kind of like playing an augmented reality game where only participants could see or understand hints hidden throughout the park. Finding the solution to puzzles, especially some of the later, more difficult puzzles, is also extremely satisfying. Of course, a lot of walking from location to location is required, so it is advised that participants be well rested.


Of course, the quest for a billion berries is not as simple as flipping a coin in a game of chance. As with all escape games, your mind is the key. As anyone who has seen One Piece Film Gold can probably tell, nothing is ever cut and dried when dealing with Tesoro. It’s easy to dream big when you step into a casino, but there’s always the chance that you’ll lose. The final stages of the game actually had a sense of urgency to them and once we had finished the game, there was a real sense of accomplishment.

Fortunately, everyone in our group managed to successfully “escape,” but do note that while success is actively encouraged, it is possible to fail. All in all, while the game was physically tiring, it was a great deal of fun, and gives a day at the amusement park another layer of enjoyment.

The One Piece Film Gold real escape game, Escape from Golden Amusement Park, is currently being held at the Tokyo Dome City Attractions amusement park in Tokyo and the Hirakata Park in Osaka until September 25th.


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