If the idea of the creator of Hello Kitty making an anime with a plot made you worried about how serious it could get, it looks like you can rest assured; this new promotional video for the second season of Sanrio’s Show By Rock!! anime gives us into a glimpse of the danger that girl band Plasmagica will be thrown into this fall.

This video almost makes it seem like the power of death metal is what’s going to do in the girls this time around. Or maybe it’s the new mysterious characters that we catch a glimpse of in the promo.


Speaking of new characters, the staff of the anime unveiled three new band members for the upcoming series and the voice actresses that will play them on Friday. The characters will be part of a new band called “BUD VIRGIN LOGIC”:


Ruriko Noguchi will play Eileen, a Royal Lion girl who serves as the vocalist and guitarist in the band. Because of her charisma, beautiful looks, strong rhetoric, aura of royalty, and music education from a young age at the royal academy, she has a tendency to look down on just about everyone. However, she is terrible with physical activity and hates doing things that take effort, and is also quite a klutz. It’s probably because of her short stature that she likes things smaller than she is.


Aimi Tanaka will play Paipain, the bassist of the group who is a Dark Giraffe, a very rare species in the Show By Rock!! world. She was taken in by a mysterious organization when she was very young to work as Eileen’s maid and always watches over her mistress with a straight face. Because of her spacey personality, she is never swayed by anything, but is also considerate of others. She hides a large number of weapons inside her skirt. It’s been said that she’s very scary when she gets mad.


Ibuki Kido as Bandrec, a solar-powered “Mumoroid” who was developed in secret in facilities owned by a mysterious organization. She joined BVL (short for BUD VIRGIN LOGIC) as their bass player after Eileen dragged her out of the lab to play. She doesn’t have much emotion on her face, but once in a while she’ll laugh when she remembers something funny. She calls Eileen “Master” and Paipain “Maid.”

The story of Show By Rock!!’s second season was also unveiled:

[WARNING: Spoilers for season one are present in this summary]

After Cyan left MIDICITY, things continued to be peaceful. However, due to the appearance of the “Queen of Darkness” who is trying destroy all music and control the city, the world is faced with its greatest threat yet.

On the other hand, having returned to the real world, Shian “Cyan” Hijirikawa is worrying about the musical activities she’s doing at school. However, the moment she thinks back to her fun memories of MIDICITY, her life is put in danger when an unknown evil begins chasing after her.

The staff also announced that Plasmagica will return to perform the opening and ending themes for the anime: “Heart wo Rock!!” and “My Song is YOU!!,” respectively.

SHOW BY ROCK!!’s 2nd Season to Premiere This Fall

The anime will premiere on Japanese television channel Tokyo MX at 10:00 p.m. JST on October 2. If you need to catch up before then with the second season and the currently-airing series of shorts featured in Show By Rock!! Short!!, FUNimation Entertainment is streaming both of those anime on its website in English.

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