If you’re excited for the Majestic Prince movie, you might be interested to know that a brand new episode of the anime, called “episode 25,” will air before the movie premieres in Japan. The staff of the film just revealed that episode 25 will revolve around Team Forn, the squad of mecha pilots that we introduced in our last article about the film. In addition, they also unveiled images and information about the mecha each team member will ride.

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Ahn Medikhum will pilot the Orange Seven (AHSMB-007), an armored Forward mech with settings and weapons that make it ideal for close-range combat.


Yui Magalanes will be the pilot of the Silver Eight (AHSMB-008), a long/mid-range mech loaded with multiple high-caliber weapons that have immense firepower.


Sei Yuzuriha will pilot the Green Nine (AHSMB-009), a combative control mech equipped with highly sensitive sensors and general versatility that exceeds Kei’s Purple Two machine.


Chris Solfelino will be the pilot of the Magenta Ten (AHSMB-010). Despite being the same type of mech as the Rose Three, the Majenta Ten can be operated as a regular military vessel in addition to its functionality as a battle mech. The mech specializes in hit-and-run tactics due to its impressive speed.

The staff also unveiled the summary for episode 25:

Four boys and girls were watching the vicious battle between the GDF (Global Defense Force), Team Rabbits, and the Wulgaru on television. Members of Team Forn Sei, Chris, Yui, and Ahn had been going through rigorous training at Gurantseere Academy, dreaming of being able to one day be deployed onto the battlefield like their beloved Team Rabbits in their new AHSMB robots. Suddenly, during their time in training, it was decided that the GDF would participate in a dangerous battle to destroy a Wulgaru base. Along with their other fellow cadets, Team Forn awaits the announcement of their assignment for the operation…

Episode 25 is scheduled to air at the end of the rebroadcast of the Majestic Prince television series on September 29, 2016. The film will premiere in Japan on November 4, 2016 with a limited two-week screening. You can check out more facts we know about the film at our previous article we wrote.

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