As Trunks meets an alternate version of his father figure and deals with the idea that he might even not be needed in the fight against Goku Black (with Vegeta and Goku on the case) in the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Goku himself finds himself ordered to appear before The King of All–the end-all be-all god of the Dragon Ball multiverse. The King of All wants only one thing from Goku: to be his friend–a revelation that shocks the heavens.

But before we get into all that, let’s take a step back and look at the pantheon of gods in Dragon Ball. The lowest god is Kami, (the guardian of Earth), followed by the Kais (the guardians of the four quadrants of the universe), and finally the Grand Kai (who oversees the Kais). But we’re not done yet, then there’s the four Supreme Kais, the Grand Supreme Kai, and the Grand Supreme┬áKai’s counterpart, the God of Destruction.

Overall, there are twelve sets of all of these Gods across the twelve universes that make up the multiverse of Dragon Ball. And at the very top of all of these gods is The King of All. Just how powerful is The King of All? Well, there used to be eighteen universes–until six of them pissed him off, anyway.

So why would the most powerful deity in all of existence want to befriend Goku, an admittedly powerful but unintelligent creature from a backwater world of an unimportant universe? Simple. Because Goku is likely the only creature The King of All has ever met that, even knowing his infinite power, doesn’t fear him.

Goku is, for lack of a better term, and uncultured hick. Even simple polite speech is beyond him. On the other hand, he is a fantastic judge of character–he can literally feel evil. He believes that people are generally good and sees possible redemption even in those who want him dead–i.e., Piccolo, Vegeta, etc.

And while we all know the saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely, Goku himself is a counterexample to that. So to him, there is no reason to assume that someone powerful would do something destructive just because he or she has the power to do so. Therefore, there is no reason to fear the the person.

Goku’s response to meeting someone stronger is not one of fear but of excitement. He wants nothing more than to test his skills in a true challenge that forces him to become stronger than ever before. Unlike the countless beings The King of All has met throughout all eternity, Goku not only isn’t afraid of him but is also genuinely excited to meet him.

Those around The King of All, servants and gods alike, cower before him even as they revere him. But as a wise man once said, “You can’t respect someone who kisses your ass.” And thus you can’t befriend them either. But Goku treats The King of All no different than anyone else. From this viewpoint, it’s easy to see why The King of All would want Goku’s company–and also why The King of All seems to be so tempted by Goku’s promise of another friend.

Though, honestly, Goku may have made a promise there that he will be unable to keep.

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