If you like the idol anime Aikatsu and you like hot guys, the new anime Dream Festival! might be right for you! The first animated promotional video for the anime has been released and it is filled with pretty boys and sparkles.

Kanade: I think I might have been searching for something I could get excited about…!
Text: Kanade Amamiya – Voiced by Sōma Ishihara
Text: A meeting with legendary idol Haruto Mikami will change Kanade’s destiny!
Haruto: I’ll put this lightly, but kid, you’re better than the best.
Text: Haruto Mikami – Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa
Kanade: Seriously!?
Haruto: This is B4 Production; it’s a talent agency with a focus on idols that a plenitude of personalities are a part of.
Itsuki: Mr. Mikami…? I wonder if that’s a newbie.
Text: Itsuki Katagiri – Voiced by Masaki Ōta
Chizuru: Maybe he’s hiding some kind of crazy talent!
Text: Chizuru Sawamura – Voiced by Kaoru Masaki
Junya: Yeah, as if.
Itsuki: Ah, Junya…
Text: Junya Sasaki – Voiced by Kentarō Tomita
Junya: Don’t underestimate what it means to be an idol. It’s impossible for you.
Kanade: No it’s not!
Junya: Shin.
Shin: Hm?
Junya: Show this guy how to use that.
Text: Shin Oikawa – Voiced by Takuya Mizoguchi
Shin: You can’t do it.
Junya: The only unit that can have a CD debut is the one that takes the top at the Dream Festival.
Text: They aim for the “Dream Festival,” a dream-like stage where a debut CD deal is on the line!
Haruto: Can you accept their Cheers, Kanade?
Text: “Shin’ai Naru Yume e!”(To Our Beloved Dream!) by DearDream
Text: The cheering is in the Dream Cards!
Haruto: It’s not easy being an idol but it’s extremely exciting.
Kanade: I’m positive I’m going to love it when I can make someone smile!

As with Aikatsu, Dream Festival! follows idols who gain their power through outfits contained in cards. Dream Festival! is a multimedia project in which the actors that play the characters are in fact idols themselves. Like their characters, the real-life idols will perform at concerts for fans.

Dream Festival! will premiere on Japanese television on October 7. The streaming service bilibili will stream the series in China.

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