If you’re looking for a bite-sized supernatural anime with a comedic flare, Kiitarō Shōnen no Yōkai Enikki (Young Kiitarō’s Yōkai Picture Diary) might be for you. Announced back in April, we finally have a key visual, images of characters, and an October premiere date.

Here are the characters you can look forward to seeing in the anime:


Kiitarō, the anime’s protagonist and a self-proclaimed “pretty boy with a sixth sense.” He has a strong spiritual sensitivity, fears nothing, and has an inquisitive personality. This allows him to interact with the yōkai (traditional Japanese monsters) without discrimination.


Suzu, a Zashiki-Warashi (a friendly type of yōkai that live in older houses and bring fortune, but also love mischief) who has lived in the hanare (a small building separate from the main house) of Kiitarō’s home before he even moved there. She is somewhat of a doting childhood friend to Kiitarō and also serves as the boss to the other yōkai that live in the hanare.


Kitsunemen no Onna (The Fox Mask Woman), a Yōko (fox demon) that has taken the form of a female human. Her job is to watch over the other yōkai to make sure that they don’t play tricks on humans.


Yukimusume (Snow Daughter), a Yukinko (Snow Child) yōkai who gets a fever and collapses whenever she comes out to play because of her weak body. She sometimes has a bit of a sadistic side that makes her the spitting image of her mother when she was young.


Yukihaha (Snow Mother), a super-sadistic Yuki Onna (Snow Woman) with a sharp tongue and a tendency to give glares as cold as ice.

The story of the original manga and anime revolves around Kiitarō, a boy who was kicked out of his family’s main residence after he went inside the cellar, despite it being forbidden to enter. Forced to move to the house’s hanare, Kiitarō meets Suzu, a Zashiki-Warashi who resides there, and begins living with her under the same roof. Various yōkai, including a Yōko, a Yuki Onna, and a Yuki Musume come to visit, sometimes causing trouble for the duo. However, they also bring laughs with them and even help the two deepen their friendship.

Hisayoshi Hirasawa (Ojisan to Marshmallow, OZMAFIA!!) will direct the anime at Creators in Pack (Hacka Doll the Animation, OZMAFIA!!) with a scenario by WORDS in STEREO and character designs by Noriyuki Imaoka (animation director for PSCYHO-PASS 2). The anime will have five-minute episodes and will premiere in October.


Kageyama began in the manga in 2008, and the seventh compiled volume was released in January 2015 (cover seen above) in Japan. The eighth volume is scheduled to ship on September 30.

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