The new short anime airing this summer, Bananya, revolves around… Well, for it to revolve around something it would need something resembling a plot. Bananya’s main character is a little kitten living in a banana peel and he gets into various mischief throughout the show’s episodes. That is what the show is about.

But Bananya isn’t alone; he has other banana friends who play with him. There’s the beauty queen of the group, Bananyako, the kitty who’s in love with her, Torabananya (who I like to call Tabbyanya), the black-furred gentleman Kurobananya, the long-haired and narcisstic Kenagabananya, and many others. Among these friends, however, there is one that stands out: Baby Bananya. At first glance, he appears to be an inoccent kitten in a pink-colored banana peel. However, he has a dark, dark secret…

Baby Bananya… is a cannibal.

Wait, don’t click off of this article! I swear, I have proof!

In each five-minute episode of the anime, there is always an introduction of a different banana cat at the end before the credits roll. It’s usually something to make you go “awww” and want to buy goods of that cat. Imagine my surprise when the Baby Bananya’s special trait was cutely revealed to be drinking banana milk.

Think about that for a second… Banana milk. What are the contents of banana milk? Bananas. And what are Bananya and his friends?


Need more proof? Just look at Baby’s peel. Oh, it’s so cute with it’s pink tint. But why is it pink? Pink bananas don’t exist! OK, technically they do, but I’m pretty sure that Baby got that pink color to his peel by devouring the flesh of his fellow felines. It’s the perfect crime: all the banana cats live in the kitchen. The weapons to commit murder are all there, with the most prominent being the blender. How else are you going to grind up the bananas for your “banana milk”? How convenient that the majority of the anime takes place in the place where food is prepared… Too convenient, if you ask me.

To make the situation worse, it appears that this trend of eating banana cats has leaked out into the real world as well. Japanese restaurant chain Dohtonbori is collaborating with the anime from August 5 to September 4, and the visuals the official website display are horrifying. Not only is there a picture of Bananyako dripping syrup onto Bananya–no doubt in order to devour him–but the food being dished out as part of this collaboration have bananas with kitty faces on them being served with pancakes, crepes, and whipped cream.

Banana cats: not as innocent as you’d think.

Bananya is streaming for free on Crunchyroll.

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