Have you ever wanted to shoot yourself in the head with a glow stick? Well, friends, now you can!

All of the anime film adaptations of Atlus’ Persona 3 series of games have been released, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Over the past few years, production company CLIE has been putting on stage plays adapting the games titled Persona 3 the Weird Masquerade.

While there hasn’t been a fourth and final stage play to wrap up the story, an edited version of all three Persona 3 plays will be one of the works screened at this summer’s CLIE Summer Festival–with cheering, singing, and glow stick-waving allowed so fans can get into the experience.

Well, it seems as if Clie has also gotten into the spirit of things, because they’ve just revealed a new item that will be sold at the theater in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district where the screening will be held.

In Persona 3, the main characters are able to summon supernatural beings that live within them called “Personas” by relying on the power of Evokers–gun-shaped magical items that must be pointed at their head to activate their Personas. While they did make an official Persona 3 water gun (seen below) in 2013 for a lottery, isn’t turning a glow stick into a gun a bit absurd? Perhaps. But it’s also awesome.

何よりこだわったのは、重量感!!ただの水鉄砲と侮る無かれ・・・。召喚器ですからねっ!是非ともGETして、その手で、ずっしり感お確かめください! #P3_M #hkuji_P3 #ペルソナ – via @HappyKuji

As for where to buy it, it’s only slated for sale at the theater for now during the festival, which is being held between August 24 and 28. However, CLIE has stated on Twitter that they are considering selling it online at a later time–though it’s not a done deal.

Even the actress who plays the female protagonist in the plays–Kana Asumi–wants one.

The new Persona 3 glow stick is so crazy! I’m so happy! Ahhhh! IwantoneIwantoneIwantoneIwantone!

While this might be a fun item, please don’t try walking around with it outside. There aren’t any Shadows to defeat. Don’t take the risk.

Aniplex of America has released all four Persona 3 films in North America with English subtitles.

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