It looks like there’s going to be more than just one new face showing up in the upcoming Majestic Prince film. The staff of the movie announced on Thursday four new characters appearing in the film, as well as the voice talents that will play them. All four characters are pilot candidates that train at Gurantseere Academy, the place where Izuru and his friends were once students.


Sōma Saitō will play Sei Yuzuriha, the Control in Team Forn. Although he has a large amount of knowledge and insight, he’s also very easygoing and talkative. He’s a maniac for spicy food, so much so that he sometimes disgusts his fellow teammates.


Tsubasa Yonaga will play Chris Solfelino, the Boost of Team Forn. He’s quite the speed demon and holds strong admiration for fellow Boost Tamaki as well as the mecha she pilots, Rose 3.


Sora Amamiya plays Yui Magalanes, a cool beauty who has a logical and steady way of thinking. She apparently gets headaches whenever she’s at a loss and often rubs her temples when this happens.


Aina Suzuki will play Ahn Medikhum, the Forward of Team Forn. She’s a bit of an airhead but can get things done when push comes to shove. It may always appear that she’s either spacing out or falling asleep, but she makes sure to listen to anything important.


Tomokazu Sugita, funnily enough, plays a character named Sugita. This character is an instructor at Gurantseere Academy. Although he is very strict with his instruction of Team Forn, he warmly watches over them. He appears to have feelings for Rin Suzukaze, who was a classmate of his.

The film will premiere in Japan on November 4 with a limited two-week screening. You can check out more facts we know about the film at our previous article we wrote.

What We Know about the Upcoming Majestic Prince Movie

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