Aniplex released a new trailer for Occultic;Nine today. The series is based on the book series of the same name by Steins;Gate creator Chiyomaru Shikura–hence, the obligatory semicolon in the title. The story follows nine characters all connected by an occult blog, the “Chojo Kagaku Kirikiri Basara.” (Supernatural Science Kirikiri Basara)

Yuta Gamon: Don’t underestimate the administrator of the Kirikiri Basara. Curses? LOL! Ghosts can’t exist!

Ryoka Narusawa: Who croaks like a frog? A duck♪

Yuta Gamon: Friends with such a girl makes me a winner! It means I have a life! That’s why it’s okay!

Sarai Hashigami: It’s a total sham! Ridiculous!

Miyuu Aikawa: Please show me your vision!

Touko Sumikaze: Could it have been a ghost?

Aria Kurenaino: If your will is strong, the curse will take effect.

Ririka Nishizono: Perhaps they were eaten by a ghost? Or maybe they’re going to be…

Shun Moritsuka: Where’d they disappear to? No. It’s already too late.

Kiryuu Kusakabe: That’s a rather extreme request.

Yuta Gamon: Have you ever heard of the “affi blog?” Maybe it was a mistake to make a blog like this just because occult stories have been really popular lately.

(After this point, the voices overlap and it is difficult to decipher who is speaking which line.)

Girl: What is your request?

Girl: What a terrible smell…

Man: Keep making fun of ghosts and someday you’ll get cursed!

Boy: Seriously?!

Girl: God is very Elohim Essaim!

Man: Proving the existence of spirits with science… It would either make you the embarrassment of the century or the Galileo of the 21st century.

Boy: Either they’re just looking for attention or truly want to solve supernatural phenomena.

Girl: Hurry!

Boy: Demons?

Man: The truth behind ghost is…

Woman: Is that occult or something?

Man: That’s hilarious!

Boy: I sense a flame war!

Man: Oh? This is Inokashira Park…

Girl: Oh? I’ve seen this person at school…

Boy: Seriously?!

Girl: What single-minded and vomit-inducing tenacity…

Text: A Dazzling End of the World

Occultic;Nine will begin airing in Japan this October. No word on streaming at the moment.

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