Japanese publisher Kadokawa unveiled the first promotional video for the sequel to the January 2016 anime BBK/BRNK, BBK/BRNK: Hoshi no Kyojin (BBK/BRNK: Giants of the Stars) on Wednesday. The video confirms that the sequel is a TV anime and that it will premiere in October.

Kaoruko: I really love this town. The people are nice and it’s beautiful. That’s why I want let anyone break it… I won’t let anyone die.
Kaoruko: I’m Kaoruko! Kaoruko Kazuki!
Azuma: Geez… She’s the same as ever.
All: Azuma’s little sister!?
Girl: A black orb!? What is this!?
Man: The public wants a hero.
Kaoruko: Return the orb. I need my own Buranki!
Azuma: Stop, Kaoruko! This is Mom’s heart!
Azuma: I couldn’t stop my homeland from falling from the sky. I can’t forgive myself… But I can’t forgive you even more!
Text: The younger sister will… The elder brother will…
Text: Fight.
Text: Protect the stars.

The anime will feature the return of the cast and staff from the first anime season at anime studio SANZIGEN. The story of BBK/BRNK revolves around five kids whose mysterious living weapons can combine to create a colossus called a Buranki that they control. You can watch the first season of BBK/BRNK with English subtitles in North America on Crunchyroll and in Australia and New Zealand on AnimeLab.

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