The staff of CyberAgent’s Girl Friend BETA franchise announced on Tuesday that a new anime titled Girl Friend Note will premiere in October as a web anime. The announcement was made through a promotional video:

Girl: Will you dance with me, my lady?
Momoko: Even if this is a dream, I won’t forget it for the rest of my life!
Momoko: Girl Friend Note has become an anime! The members of Hokain and nonet are working together to put on a play and I’m playing the lead! I’m nervous, but I’ll do my best! The anime Girl Friend Note will begin streaming online beginning in October!
Akane: Team Cinderella! It’s almost time to raise the curtain!
Text: Girl Friend Note planned to begin streaming in October

The announcement does not specify whether the anime will be a one-shot or a full web anime series.

Girl Friend Note is a smartphone rhythm game featuring the characters and voice actresses from the main Girl Friend BETA mobile game. The original game inspired a television anime in 2014 that focused on a student body of girls and their daily lives.

Girl Friend BETA can be viewed online at Crunchyroll and Viewster.

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