One Piece is currently at the top of the heap in terms of Japanese manga. Recognized by the Guinness World Records as the record holder for “The highest selling comic series by a single author,” the series is going strong with no end in sight. Well, aside from for one person–its creator.

The thirteenth One Piece movie, One Piece Film Gold, opened this past weekend to much fanfare. A special stage event was held at the Toei Theater in Ginza, Tokyo, where the main cast and director went before an audience that had just viewed the movie. However, while the theater staff was preparing the stage for the guests of honor, the announcer, Daijiro Enami, revealed an interesting fact to the audience.

“I got to interview Mr. Oda [Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece].” Enami said. The interview was part of a TV special and preview for the movie titled, One Piece: Heart of Gold. Enami noted that one of the questions he got to ask of the father of One Piece was, “Do you already have the final panel of One Piece planned out?” to which Oda gave a specific answer:

“Yes. And it’s very cool.”

Both the manga and anime of One Piece are still ongoing. While the story has already passed the halfway point in terms of the plot, there’s still a ways to go. There are still a ton of plot threads that need to be concluded before we get to see that final panel. But to now know that he has everything about the ending plotted out to the final panel is sure to bring up a mixture of emotions for any One Piece fan.

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