When you ride the Tokyo Metro subway in Japan, there are TVs above nearly every door. These screens announce the next stop and other useful information about the train you are on. They also play commercials. Several of these commercials focus on the metro itself–and the newest ones feature everyone’s favorite gadget cat from the future: Doraemon.

Recently, Tokyo Metro has begun a campaign called susuMetro, a portmanteau of the words “susumu” (to advance) and “metro.” The focus of this ad campaign is to highlight the improvements being made to the subway system.

The first of these ads features Doraemon showing all the improvements made to the various stations in Tokyo, from easy-to-understand signs to multi-language support. It’s presented in an isometric view that makes the scene look more like something out of a videogame than out of anime.

The second short follows a woman through a subway station. As the train approaches, she drops her wallet. When she bends down, her high heels slip and she nearly tumbles off the platform in front of the oncoming train–all while Doraemon looks on horrified.

Ostensibly, the commercial is about the protection gates being added to many subway stations to prevent such a fatal fall from occurring. But if you ask me, it’s much more about the dangers of high heels than anything else. Those things are death traps!

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