The annual Tales of Festival 2016 event was held in Japan this past weekend, and Bandai Namco showed that it’s pulling out all the stops for the series’ twentieth anniversary. While the company usually shows off the goods for the coming year at the event, the amount of goods this time around was enough to make a fan drool.


The contents of the special limited-edition Famitsu DX pack for Tales of Berseria. It includes six keychains of the six main characters with original art, a Bienfu plushie, and six plastic folders.



Crane game prize straps featuring (seen from left to right, from the top row to the bottom row) Tales of Zestiria’s Sorey, Mikleo, and Edna, Tales of Symphonia’s Colette and Zelos, Tales of Rebirth’s protagonist Veigue and villain Saleh, Tales of the Abyss’s Luke, Tales of Innocence’s party member Spada and antagonist Hasta, Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri, and Tales of Xillia 2’s Ludger. All twelve versions of straps are scheduled to appear in Japanese arcades in early August.


Metal pin badges featuring characters from Tales of Zestiria, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, and Tales of Graces were released in Japanese arcades on July 2. Adorable straps with chibi art of the Tales of Zestiria cast (and a cute little Normin) are planned for release on July 17, and plate keychains of the main party starring in Tales of Berseria will be released in late September.


More character keychains adding characters like Tales of Destiny’s Stahn and Tales of Destiny 2’s Judas and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World’s Emil will be released in September.


Adorable rubber straps with three characters on each will be released in September, but a special, event-only strap featuring Sorey and Mikleo (seen right) was only available for sale at the event.


This selection of twenty buttons are available at the affordable price of 300 yen (about USD $3) each, but can only be chosen at random. However, the twenty buttons are also split up into two sets to make getting your favorite character a little bit easier. For example, if you want Flynn from Tales of Vesperia, you’ll have to buy from the Type.B set, but if you want Chaltier from Tales of Destiny, you’ll need to grab one from the Type.A set.


Keychains featuring various characters and gel items are available now.


Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria are getting a joint Ichiban Kuji lottery, and the gorgeous illustration frames that will serve as the A and Last Prize goods were on display. Only the last draw of the lottery at each store will come with the Tales of Berseria frame.



The other prizes include a Celestial Record mini cushion as the B prize, Tales of Zestiria towels as the C prize, Tales of Zestiria straps as the H prize, and Tales of Berseria straps as the I prize.


Folders, stationary, and glasses themed after Sorey’s fusions with the seraphim in his party are also prizes.

The newest anime in the Tales of franchise–Tales of Zestiria the X–can be viewed for free and with English subtitles in the US at FUNimation and Daisuki–and at AnimeLab in AU/NZ territories.

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