The continuation to Sanrio’s SHOW BY ROCK!! 2015 anime has been confirmed to be a full-fledged second season that will premiere on Japanese television this October. This series from the creators of Hello Kitty (and other lovable mascots) will feature the return of the cast from the first season, including:

    Eri Inagawa as Cyan
    Sumire Uesaka as Chuchu
    Manami Numakura as Retoree
    Ayane Sakura as Moa
    Kishō Taniyama as Crow
    Kōki Uchiyama as Aeon
    Tetsuya Kakihara as Yaiba
    Yoshimasa Hosoya as Rom
    Megumi Han as Daru Dayu
    Saori Hayami as A
    Eriko Matsui as Un
    Mamoru Miyano as Shū✩zō
    Ayumu Murase as Riku
    Ryōta Ōsaka as Kai
    Rina Hidaka as Logia
    Ai Kayano as Holmy
    Rie Murakawa as Jacqueline
    Yūji Ueda as Maple Arisugawa

Staff members Takahiro Ikezoe and Tōko Machida will return from the first series to serve as director and series composition head, respectively. Studio BONES (Soul Eater, Concrete Revolutio) will once again provide the animation. The first key visual for the series was also revealed (seen above).

Originally a smartphone and tablet rhythm game, SHOW BY ROCK!! follows the adventures of a band of girls with animal-like features in a band called “Plasmagica.” They live in Midi City with other musicians with ears and tails and do their best to work their way to the top of the music world.

FUNimation streamedthe first season of SHOW BY ROCK!! with not only subtitles, but a simuldub as well. A spin-off to the original series titled SHOW BY ROCK!! Short!! premiered on Monday, and FUNimation will also stream this show.

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