After nearly three years, the lovable gang of genetically-engineered mecha pilots who fight aliens in space are back!

Initially, the Majestic Prince project began with a manga in Fields’ Monthly Heroes magazine, followed by a teleivision anime series with a completely different story in 2013. After a long silence with only releases of a mobile game (that has now ended service) and a pachinko machine to tide fans over, a new film in the franchise was finally announced at AnimeJapan’s Majestic Prince stage in March 2016, two and a half years after the end of the anime’s broadcast.


At the “Kaettekichatta! Zannen 5” (They’re Back! Fail 5) event on June 17, some interesting tidbits were revealed about the film.

Over 1,000 Ideas Have Been Submitted for the Film’s Title

The staff of the film began collecting ideas for the latter part of the film’s title online in May, and whoever has their title chosen will be listed in the movie’s credits as “Subtitle Creator.” Although Ataru’s voice actor Junya Ikeda claimed he had submitted most of the 1,000+ ideas, the staff member from Toho presented some of the ideas from fans.

Some of the joke titles like “Kugimiya Kei no Yūutsu” (The Melancholy of Kei Kugimiya) and “Giragira Gin☆Ginmaku-ban★” (Sparkly Silver☆Silver Screen Version) made the audience laugh when Asagi’s voice actor Shintarō Asanuma read them in a dramatic voice. According to the Toho representitive, however one of the stronger contenders is “Uchū ni Saku Hana” (Flowers Blooming in Space), which was submitted by multiple users. The subtitle is an homage to the anime’s final episode, which is titled “Uchū ni Chiru Hana” (Flowers With Petals Falling in Space).

Submissions for the title are open until August 31, which is not too far off from the film’s scheduled release.

A New Character Will Appear in the Film

According to Asagi’s voice actor Asanuma, a new character will make his/her debut in the film, and the voice actor/actress that will play the character has already been cast.

As of June, the Movie’s Recording Hasn’t Begun

After performing a skit, all the voice actors commented on how the last time they all performed together was at the Majestic Prince event in 2013. They also mentioned that they haven’t even seen the script, leaving them just as in the dark as the fans.

The Tagline of the New Promotional Image is “Come Back Alive”

One thing to note about this is that the tagline is said in male speech in the original Japanese, as opposed to a neutral or feminine style. So, who exactly says this? It could be male characters such as Asagi, Ataru, Simon, or someone else, but it certainly isn’t the female characters like Kei, Tamaki, or Teoria.

Izuru Appears to Be Seriously Injured

As we can see in the trailer that was first unveiled at the event, Izuru is in critical condition. However, if you look even closer near the beginning of the film, when Team Rabbits is supposed to be lining up for a briefing, Ataru, Kei, Tamaki, Asagi, and even Ange are there, but Izuru is not.



The Film is a Sequel Set After the End of the Television Series

The film is being promoted as a brand-new film with an original story and promotional materials hint at a new battle with a foreign enemy waiting for Izuru and his friends.

“Episode 25” Will Connect the End of the TV Series to the Film

A brand new episode 25 will air at the end of the anime’s rebroadcast this summer. The episode will connect the events of the end of the television series to the beginning of the film.



At Least 9 Characters From the TV Series Will be Returning

The flyer for the film lists Fail 5 members Izuru Hitachi, Toshikazu Asagi, Kei Kugimiya, Ataru Suruga, Tamaki Irie in the cast, but the lineup also includes their comrades Ange Kuroki, Rin Suzukaze, Teoria, and Simon Gatō. When the film was announced, Sayaka Ohara, the voice of the mechanic Reika wrote on her Twitter account about a future recording session for the film, making it seem likely that Reika will also make an appearance in the movie.

In terms of staff, Keitarō Motonaga has been confirmed as returning to direct the film.


The Film Will Premiere This Fall

That means that the Majestic Prince film could premiere only a short while after the end of the rebroadcast.

The Majestic Prince television anime is available to watch on streaming platform Crunchyroll, and is available with both the original Japanese audio track and an English dub on DVD and Blu-ray from Sentai Filmworks.


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