Sweetness and Lightning

Amaama to Inazuma (JP)
Genre: Food, Slice-of-Life, Comedy
Season: Summer 2016
Premiere Date: July 5, 2016


Gido Amagure began the Amaama Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning) manga in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine in 2013. The manga ranked at number eight on the “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2014” list for men, and also was ranked number nine by users on website AnimeAnime! in a poll asking which manga they’d like to have adapted into an anime. The magazine in which the manga serializes announced in March that the manga would be getting a television anime adaptation.

Crunchyroll releases the manga in English digitally, and Kodansha Comics is publishing the manga series in physical volumes in North America.


It’s only been six months since high school teacher Kōhei Inuzuka’s wife passed away, leaving him and their young daughter Tsumugi. He does his best to raise her as a single father, but there’s one thing he just can’t seem to conquer: Cooking. Without the ability to prepare meals, he’s forced to feed his child convenience store lunch boxes every day.

One day, however, he encounters Kotori Iida, one of the students at his high school. While she can cook to a certain degree, her divorced mother isn’t around to share meals with her. As a solution to both of their problems, she asks Inuzuka if he would eat dinners with her, and also offers to teach him how to cook.


Kōhei Inuzuka
Voice: Yūichi Nakamura

A high school math teacher. He has been living together with his daughter Tsumugi since his wife passed away half a year prior to the beginning of the story. He’s a dad who puts his daughter’s happiness first, and can deal with the cleaning and laundry all on his own. However, he’s never been a big eater, and is very unskilled when it comes to cleaning. This causes problems for his eating habits.

Tsugumi Inuzuka
Voice: Rina Endō

Kōhei’s daughter, in preschool, who seems to grow more by the day. She also has a growing child’s appetite, and loves delicious cooking. Tsumugi is a very honest girl who is currently obsessed with the TV anime “Magi-Girl,” and loves the character named Garigari that appears in the show.

Kotori Iida
Voice: Saori Hayami

A high school student in the class that Kōhei is an assistant homeroom teacher for. She has plenty of knowledge on food due to the fact that her mother is a cooking expert, but she doesn’t cook herself. After meeting Kōhei and Tsumugi, she starts cooking with them in her mother’s small restaurant, which is temporarily closed for business.

Shinobu Kojika
Voice: Haruka Tomatsu

Kotori’s friend who goes to the same high school as her, but doesn’t have Kōhei as a teacher because she’s in a different class. Her family runs a greengrocery in the same shopping district as Kotori’s family’s restaurant. She’s considerate and good with kids, possibly because she has siblings herself. She’s also very good at cooking.

Yūsuke Yagi
Voice: Tomokazu Seki

Kōhei’s friend from his school days. He runs the town’s cafe and bar, so of course, cooking is second-hand to him. He sometimes watches after Tsumugi when Kohei has other things to attend to, and the toddler is quite attached to him because of this.

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Director: Tarō Iwasaki
Series Composition: Mitsutaka Hirota
Character Design: Hiroki Harada
Music: Nobuko Toda
Original Creator: Gido Amagakure
Animation Production: TMS Entertainment
Planning Assistance: Shin-Ei Animation


Yūichi Nakamura as Kōhei Inuzuka
Rina Endō as Tsumugi Inuzuka
Saori Hayami as Kotori Iida
Haruka Tomatsu as Shinobu Kojika
Tomokazu Seki as Yūsuke Yagi

Source: Official Website
Image Source: YouTube
©Gido Amagure, Kodansha/”Amaama to Inazuma” Production Committee

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