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Richard Eisenbeis
Managing Editor, Anime Now!


Richard Eisenbeis
Managing Editor
E-Mail: richard.e@anime-now.com
Twitter: @BiggestinJapan
Growing up in the deserts of Colorado, young Richard heard tales of a magical land full of anime and video games–not to mention robots, ninja, yokai, and giant mutated lizards with nuclear breath. After moving to Japan in 2005, Richard found out the truth: all the wild tales he had heard were totally true. Since then, he has made a career writing about video games and anime for places like GamePro and Kotaku.
Sarah Nelkin
Staff Writer
Email: sarah.n@anime-now.com
Twitter: @S_NelkinEN
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Sarah Nelkin has been a fan of anime since she was six years old, and has been working in Japan’s anime and game industry for over four years. Besides working as a voice actress and video game translator in Japan, she has also worked as an anime journalist, doing news writing, event reports, and interviews. As a voice actress herself, Sarah can’t help but focus on the voice acting aspects of anime more than anyone else.
Toshi Nakamura
Regular Contributor
Email: cogitoergonihil@gmail.com
Twitter: @TNakamura8
Having spent half of his life in the U.S. and half of it in Japan, the best way to describe Toshihisa (Toshi) Nakamura is, “Genetically Japanese. Culturally American.” Toshi loves pasta, video games, and time travel (…he’s still working on that last part…).
Brittany Vincent
Regular Contributor
Email: californiyeahhh@gmail.com
Twitter: @MolotovCupcake
Brittany Vincent has been covering video games, anime, and tech for over a decade for publications like G4, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Maxim, and more. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z were her gateway drugs into the world of anime as a young girl, which quickly grew into a dangerous obsession with all things Vegeta. Nowadays, she’s more into Evangelion, Berserk, Paradise Kiss, and FLCL. When she’s not writing, watching anime, or gaming, she’s amassing a collection of creepy and cute items to become the ultimate queen of niche accessories.
Renato Rivera Rusca
Regular Contributor
Born in Lima, Peru, Renato was exposed to a wide variety of animation from different areas of the world and time periods at an early age. He was highly influenced by Japanese animation in his own comic art growing up in the UK. He is now a researcher and lecturer of the history and culture of anime and manga in Tokyo, teaching at Meiji University and other institutions. Recently, his writing has been featured in English in Mechademia 8: Tezuka’s Manga Life (University of Minnesota Press) in English, and 『宇宙エレベーターの本:実現したら未来はこうなる』 (Uchuu Erebeetaa no hon: jitsugen shitara mirai wa kou naru; The Space Elevator Book: The Shape of Future Society) (Aspect Publishing) in Japanese.
Ken Iikura-Gross
Regular Contributor
Email: iikura.k@gmail.com
Twitter: @KenIikuraGross
Born in the United States of America, Ken Iikura-Gross spent much of his youth frolicking in the fields of anime and manga thanks the all the wonderful VHS tapes and manga his grandfather sent him from Japan. Then, while taking care of his grandfather in Japan after college, Ken began writing about his opinions on anime and manga privately for a few years in the 2010’s. Ken’s writing caught the attention of Japanese manga publishers and he spent a short time editing manga. But, Ken felt it was time to get back to his roots: writing about anime…and maybe manga in the future?
Kat Callahan
Regular Contributor
Email: kasuga.manami@gmail.com
Twitter: @JezebelKat
A child of the mountain deserts of New Mexico, an adolescent of the flat lands of rural/suburban North Texas, and a descendant of families which settled in both, Kat Callahan describes herself as a “New Mexi-Texan.” A childhood of Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato), Robotech (SDF Macross), and Sailor Moon, gave rise to her 14-year-old prediction she would one day move to Japan. Ten years later, she did. Where her adventures have taken her into Japanese schools as both teacher and student in five prefectures. A long time journalist, she has most recently written for Jezebel and Jalopnik and contributed to four textbooks. Her favorite series is Kimagure Orange Road, and she is in the process of naturalizing to Japan.
Daniel Feit
Email: feitclub@gmail.com
Twitter: @feitclub
A native New Yorker living in Osaka, Daniel has been a freelancer since 2009 and has written for WIRED, 1up.com, GamePro, USGamer, and many other fine publications online and off. His hunger for pizza, karaoke, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is insatiable.
Aly Sevre
Twitter: @alysevre
A linguist, grammar nerd, and self-styled software junkie. Aly’s childhood love of language and books led her to anime in high school and college, which led her to Japan after graduation and then on to grad school and, well, back to Asia. She currently lives with her husband in South Korea, paying the bills as a freelance editor while he gets his nerd papers at grad school in computational geophysics. In their free time, they explore the worlds of craft beer and indie video games. Aly exists in the nexus between language and technology, learning to code in Python and teaching friends and colleagues cool hacks with Office products while she hones her skills in Korean and Japanese.


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